What's new in react-hot-toast 2.0

This release is all about flexibility. It allows you to create the notification system of your dreams, even simpler. Before we dig deeper into the new APIs, check out what's included in this release:

โœจ toast.custom() - Dispatch components as toast
๐Ÿ‘€ Reduced-motion support - Automatically adapts to system preference
๐Ÿ”€ Individually position toasts
๐Ÿงˆ Smoother exit animations
โš™๏ธ Custom Renderer API - Supply your own render function

As well as a many other improvements and fixes.

Introducing toast.custom()

This new function allows you to render any React component on the fly. Pass in JSX, and it will add it to the notification stack. There are no default styles applied, giving you complete control.

This API makes it super easy to add Tailwind UI Notifications to your React app.

// Minimal Example
toast.custom(<div>Minimal Example</div>);
// Tailwind Example
toast.custom((t) => (
className={`bg-white px-6 py-4 shadow-md rounded-full ${
t.visible ? 'animate-enter' : 'animate-leave'
Hello TailwindCSS! ๐Ÿ‘‹

In the example above, we pass in a function that returns JSX. This allows us to access the current toast state and toggle between the enter and exit animation.

Instead of CSS keyframe animations, you can use TailwindCSS classes by wrapping it in the Transition component from @headlessui/react.

Better accessibility

The prefers reduced motion is now respected by default. If react-hot-toast detects this setting, it will use fade transitions instead of sliding.

Smoother exit animation

The exit animation is now less hectic when you have multiple toasts stacked.

Per toast positioning

From now on, it's possible to have toasts at multiple positions at once. Just add the position you want as option when dispatching a toast.

toast.success('Always at the bottom', {
position: 'bottom-center',

Relative positioning

You can now overwrite the default position of the toaster and place it anywhere you want.

<Toaster containerStyle={{ position: 'absolute' }} />

Simpler offset styling

There is now a gutter option to control the gap between toasts.

<Toaster gutter={30} />

The offset is now controlled by the Toaster and can be changed by overwriting the top, right, bottom and left styles.

<Toaster containerStyle={{ top: '8px' }} />

Custom Renderer API

You can now use the <Toaster/> to render your own components. Pass in a function that receives a Toast as the first argument, allowing you to render whatever you please.

This is a great alternative if you are using useToaster() to render create custom notfications.

This API allows us to dynamically react to the current state of your toasts. This can be used to change the default animations, add a custom dismiss button or render a custom notification, like TailwindUI Notifications.

import { toast, Toaster, ToastBar } from 'react-hot-toast';
const CustomToaster = () => (
{(t) => (
<ToastBar toast={t}>
{({ icon, message }) => (
{t.type !== 'loading' && (
<button onClick={() => toast.dismiss(}>X</button>

This example adapts the ToastBar with its new render function API. You can read more about the APIs in the Toaster & ToastBar docs.

Available now

Get react-hot-toast 2.0 while it's hot. Upgrading from 1.0.0 should be seamless for most users.

yarn add react-hot-toast

The future and beyond

React Hot Toast got a lot more flexible with this version, laying the foundation for future releases. Thanks to everyone who helped out; much appreciated!

In the next releases, I plan to add the most requested feature: a dismiss button. As well as support for custom toast types.



  • Easier Customization
    • Create your own toast renderer (without useToaster)
      • Support for custom render function in Toaster
      • Support for custom render function in ToastBar
    • toast.custom() - Render custom one-off toasts. No default styling will be applied.
  • Per toast positioning
  • New exit animation
  • Change the gutter between toasts with <Toaster gutter={20} />
  • Support for relative positioning
  • Respect reduce motion OS setting
  • Create persistent toasts with duration: Infinity

Breaking Changes

  • Use the top, right, bottom, left to in containerStyle to change the offset, instead of margin
  • Loading toasts no longer disappear after 30 seconds
  • role & ariaLive got moved into ariaProps
  • useToaster() no longer exposes visibleToasts
  • No longer expose dispatch